Happy Hallmark Day

So if you’re into that sort of thing, today’s Valentine’s day. While some blokes struggle home with a box of melted chocolates and a bunch of wilted violets for their One True Love, others take to facebook, twitter or the local pub to complain about the whole issue of entitlement and expectations, or just the fact they’re single.

In fact I lump Valentines into much the same category as Halloween – it’s not quite official or big enough to compete with Easter and Christmas, but it’s trying. It’s the little holiday that could – the one that sneaks up on you and you find you’ve completely forgotten about it until a week before. And when you do find out about it, you’re all like Do I really care?

Though I suppose there is at least one difference. I think most of us guys in long term relationships try to remember to keep the relationship going throughout the year; it beats an annualĀ Holy crap I need to remember to tell this person they are of some value to me. Which is a little different than Halloween – I can’t say I routinely carve faces into pumpkins to remind everyone just how much of a whacko I am.

‘cos they already know.



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