Sometimes, it seems to me, the best way to move forward is to take a big step sideways. So it is with this blog.

Four years ago, in November of 2008, I started a blog. As someone who has never really kept a journal, this was a new and unnatural experience, but I enjoyed it, and it gave me an outlet for something else new in my life – discovering and pursuing an interest in writing fiction as an adult. November coincided with Nanowrimo, which in 2008 I used to push myself to write and learn more on the subject than I ever had in the past – that September I’d written my first fiction ‘story’ for almost fifteen years.

And yet, in 2011, the blog of yore came to a grinding halt. There were quite a few factors in this, but I’d tentatively identify the two principle culprits as:

  • I’d achieved what I’d set out to when I started the blog. I’d used it as a means to chronicle my journey of discovery as I learned the craft, and with my attendance at the Writers of the Future workshop, it seemed that it’s mission, the journey of an aspirant, was in some form accomplished, and something new was needed.
  • Many posts had taken an advisory tone, and I didn’t (and still don’t) think myself qualified to offer general advice on writing. In contrast, there are plenty of other blogs and fora out there in which better qualified persons than I can discuss this topic, and if I want to post opinions on writing I’d rather do so there.

I mulled over this for far too long and decided:

  • Yes, I’d still like to blog, as while it doesn’t come naturally, I do enjoy it;
  • About a much wider variety of topics which are of interest to me,
  • Which might not preclude writing, but certainly won’t focus on it, and
  • I should stop procrastinating and get started.

So here we are.

If you’ve come to this site because of a now obsolete link to my old writing blog, sorry, those old posts are (for now) mothballed. However, if you’ve dropped by to say hi, see what I’m up to, catch some random essay on technology, maths, science, programming, writing, aviation, politics or whatever other topic has caught my fancy at the moment (ooh! shiny!), then hopefully you’ll find what follows a little more interesting than what used to be here.

And now to get my butt in gear so what follows… follows.

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